1. Aerial photo of a cratered battlefield. The dark diagonal lines are the shadows of the few remaining tree trunks.


  2. Western front, Flammenwerfers (flame throwers) in use. (National Archive Official German Photograph of WWI).


  3. Vietnamese government troops attempt to force a suspected Viet Cong member to inform on Viet Cong movements in the Southern Mekong Delta of South Vietnam on July 14, 1964



  5. Mario Giacomelli (1925–2000)  Der Maler Walter Bastari


  6. Otto Breicha (1932–2003) Thomas Bernhard im Café Bräunerhof


  7. Roger Ballen


  8. Milton H. Greene (i.e. Greengold, Milto.


  9. Thomas Mailaender


  10. “Chickens (Pollos),” Juchitán, Mexico, 1979. Photograph by Graciela Iturbide (b. 1942), Mexico


  11. Tatewak Nio


  12. http://lumieredesroses.com   Photographe anonyme italie 1960


  13. http://lumieredesroses.com    japon vers 1930


  14. Gary Winogrand


  15. Miguel Rio Branco