1. http://lumieredesroses.com  Feux d’artifices à Cabourg, 1886


  2. gunnar smoliansky



  4. Halil Koyutürk


  5. “From Panuco Street to the Zócalo (De Panuco al Zócalo),” Mexico City, 1986. Photograph by Marco Antonio Cruz (b. 1957), Mexico


  6. , El habitat de les hombres…, Caracas, Bello Monte, 1968 © Paolo Gasparin


  7. Halil Koyutürk


  8. Empty New York  1964. © Duane Michal



  10. geert goiris


  11. Image © Joanna Piotrowska


  12. Vintage Scoops is the home of Betty, a 1973 Bedford ice cream van owned by Vic and Fiz McMullen who serve locally sourced traditional ice cream © Syd Shelton


  13. Stanley  Greene


  14. Aerial photo of a cratered battlefield. The dark diagonal lines are the shadows of the few remaining tree trunks.


  15. Western front, Flammenwerfers (flame throwers) in use. (National Archive Official German Photograph of WWI).